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Wall Mural Categories

Below you will see our Top 18 Wall Mural Categories, hand chosen from award-winning interior designers. But if you’re looking for something a little unique, try out our search bar, where we have the world’s largest collection of wall mural designs to choose from. Be sure to get a quality custom wallpaper when ordering from Wallpaperink, the world’s biggest bespoke wallpaper printers.

What makes a quality product?

Wallpaperink are industry leaders for a reason. We take care and pride in the work we do, from carefully selecting the best images to combining them with state of the art manufacturing processes. Our wallpapers have been designed precisely for the home wall covering decoration market. With high quality papers designed exclusively for Wallpaperink, you are sure to get a mural that leaves a lasting impact on your home.

How easy is it to install?

All three of our wallpaper materials have been designed to make your wall mural as simple as possible to install. We have developed the product around our customer feedback, and this has allowed us to come up with a system that allows first time wallpaper hangers to get a wall mural that looks like it’s been done professionally. Out of three different materials, our customer favourite has been voted the Premium Plus. This product has been pre-pasted, allowing you to simply remove from the box and hang straight on your wall with no mess.


Collage Wall Murals

Collage wall murals are new from Wallpaperink, allowing you to make a wall mural of all your favourite photos. How does it work? Just send us the photos of your choice along with your wall dimensions, and one of our specialist designers will merge them together to create an amazing looking wall mural that has your personal touch on it. See more information here on how to send us your photos…

With our state of the art setup, we are able to turn around any size order within two days of you placing your order with us.
The planet we live on is highly valued by all of the team at Wallpaperink. So for every wall mural sold, a tree is planted.
Customers Love Us
With a bespoke product, care and attention is required. Check out below to see what our customers say.