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Weaving giant rainbows indoors!

February 15, 2016
Renwick Wonder

Does your home need some new life injecting into its décor? Is everything perhaps looking a little dull and dusty with tired edges inside your own private space?

If so then we have surely found something bold, brash and colourful enough to really inspire you, at Wallpaperink we are looking at a whole new way of creative interior design!

Artistic design inspiration

What about taking your own design inspiration from Gabriel Dawe who is currently exhibiting at the Renwick Gallery in Washington DC?

He has created an incredible splash of colour, contrast and form all together in single stunning pieces of art! His creations, consisting of beautiful indoor rainbows, have been achieved using nothing but coloured cotton!

The pieces all have a wonderful ethereal quality to them; he has found a genuinely unique way of using this simple, even humble, natural material that has never been seen before!

He has also cleverly utilised the available space and light that he has had available within the building, this totally shines through not only in the artwork itself but in the building too, showing it off in its very best light!



You can see these fabulous works of colourful inspired weaved rainbow art, in their all-important surroundings, at

wallpaperink rainbow 3 making

If you can’t afford to hire the designer for your own interior design project then get in touch with Wallpaperink today and we will show you just what we can do!

Bring a splash of Colour into your home with Wall Murals

At Wallpaperink we have also taken our design inspiration from various leading designers to bring colour, shape and substance into your own home or office setting.

Our wall mural installations are made especially to order, beautifully crafted and ready to fit in with the size and shape of your own walls. Whatever the area you want to cover with our wallpaper, our team will ensure that it all fits together as seamlessly as possible giving your property a real wow factor. Get in touch and inspire all that come see them in your home, just as the fantastic works of Gabriel Dawe are currently doing in the art world!

Check out WallpaperInk’s colourful abstract designs enabling you to bring a rainbow of colour, size and form into your home every day of the year.

For real inspiration, here are a few of our favourite sculpted colourful designs for you to think about within your home decoration, building or renovation project:-

rainbow paint test

Coloured Smoke Wall Mural – Simply SMOKING!

The real beauty of Wallpaperink is that you could even upload your own photograph of a rainbow, that you have captured yourself before! It really is as easy as 1 2 3! Just upload it to the website here and we will do the rest for you, delivering your own unique original piece of wall art, a finished colourful wall mural, to your door in next to no time!

You don’t need to go to the end of the rainbow to find a pot of gold, we think that you have already found one right here and we hope that you do too!


Design Inspiration

Wow them with your own photo collage on a custom printed wallpaper mural!

December 8, 2015

Are you a budding photographer with a keen eye for a striking image?

Do you have hidden talents and an artistic streak that you would like others to see up on your wall?

If so, would you like to see your photographic work mega-enlarged and put up on a wall in your home or office in full-size glorious technicolour? If your answer is yes then consider just what Wallpaperink could do for your favourite images! We can blow them all up to truly ‘ginormous’ size helping you to put those all-important designer finishing touches into your new home décor!

Just Married? Get your wedding album out!

If you have recently wed then why not let the whole world know all about your special day!

Why not put a full size photo collage together, with the help of the designers at Wallpaperink, where seamless interior design touches are the norm?

With our help you can create an entire wall mural showcasing your favourite wedding snaps from your big day for posterity!  This would become a real focal point in your home, for years to come, whenever you have friends or family round to visit!

Make your holiday snaps come alive in a widescreen wall mural!

We all love to take shots of family and friends, along with all those fab local tourist attractions, when away on our holiday! What better way is there to keep all those happy memories alive than by turning them into a real focal point in your property?

With a Wall Mural from Wallpaperink we can easily arrange them all together for you, creating a designed photo collage, into a life sized artistic masterpiece.

With Wallpaperink you can create a stunning and original photo collage which you can then put up on the wall, covering it from end to end, wowing all your friends and family alike!


Wallpaper Ink 400 x 250 Pet Images Wall Mural high res


Give those funny photos of your pet a new home!

Why not get your favourite pics of Tigger the cat or Max the dog up on the wall? Turn tiny Tigger into a Tiger or your miniature pet Chihuahua into a giant amongst fellow canines! Yes, it is possible to turn a 9 inch tall Chihuahua into a 9 foot tall ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ with the help of Wallpaperink!

How do we create your Wallpaper mural?

That’s a good question, because first of all if you want to us to create a Wallpaper Mural for you, using your own photos or images, then you simply need to submit them by uploading via our website.

Once you have done this just enter the width and height required (your wall dimensions) and we will do the rest, using our state-of-the-art printing technology. What’s more, this is a free service which we offer anyone purchasing our cutting edge wall murals.

Design Inspiration

How to get a professional interior design look

December 8, 2015

Do you want to give your home or property a real wow factor, totally impressing your visitors with your fabulous interior design skills?

Well, if so then Wallpaperink can surely help with their stunning design skills and Wallpaper Wall Murals! Let’s take a look at how to get the look that you desire for your home:-

Deciding on a single interior design theme

The first stage of the interior design process means first deciding upon a theme, which is often done on a room by room basis. In this way, either the entire house or different rooms can be given their own unique theme.

You can link the individual theme of each room into a whole by perhaps playing on the same theme throughout the property should you wish to do so. For instance, if you decide upon an ‘overall’ city theme then how about having a New York Kitchen, London Lounge and Florence Conservatory theme?

What about multiple design themes inside your property?

Conversely, a specific interior design theme can be carried through the entire property if so desired!

You could for instance have a love of wild animals; in that case you could have a ‘Tiger themed’ Kitchen, an ‘Elephant themed’ Lounge and ‘Giraffe themed’ dining room, just by way of example!


Adding the finishing touches to your interior

The finishing touches could be added with themed Disney Wall murals in your children’s bedrooms and a relaxing natural forest scene in your bedroom. The choice is naturally yours!

Once you have decided on a specific design theme, you can select from one of the hundreds of stunning images in our collection, creating a wall mural focal point in your room or rooms!

If you love nature then consider one of our natural forest scenes, tropical beach scenes or animal wall murals.

If you love abstract patterns, consider patterns by either the same artist or different ones to add character into your décor.

Should you desire a Disney theme then we can cater for them all from Frozen to Tangled and Disney Princess to Toy Story.

Putting it all together

One of the great things about using Wallpaperink as your interior design partner is that you can use either one of our stock of images or photographs of anything you like for your Wall Murals. Simply upload your image, or images, to us via our website and we will do the rest, putting it all together without fuss.

This means that, with us, it is possible to create wonderful collections of all your favourite images in a collage that we can design into a Wall Mural just for you. We can then print your Wallpaper, according to the specific dimensions of your wall.

You can then Wow them all with your own unique photo collage, or stock image from us, on a custom designed wallpaper mural!

Creating your Wallpaper mural is our job

The actual process is easy, just select your favourite image from our website, or upload the images that you want to use, enter the width and height required (your wall dimensions) ,and we will do the rest.

From designing the collage as a free service to you, to professionally printing your Wallpaper Mural, the process is seamless, literally! Don’t forget, if you select us to create a Wallpaper Mural, for your interior design project then this is a free service which we offer anyone purchasing our cutting edge wall murals.

Get that beautiful interior designer look, the one you have always hankered after, into your home today with a fabulous Wallpaperink Wall Mural!


Design Inspiration

How to install the perfect feature wall mural

November 19, 2015
wallpaperink-office low res

Wondering how Wallpaperink’s fabulous murals are first of all created and then installed on feature walls such as into your own home, working or office environment?

Well, wonder no more because we have created a quick guide to the whole process right here from the initial interior design requirement to the final installation of our wall murals!

Step 1 – Initial Interior Design

All projects are of course different but the initial vision that you have for your interior decoration project will feed into your overall interior design process. You must decide on the look that you want to incorporate into your design. This could be influenced by many things but the imagery that you would like to incorporate into a feature wall would likely drive your other interior design decisions.

For instance, if you have decided to go for a natural theme, perhaps using animals or natural landscapes as a backdrop, then you need to consider whether to use paint or wall coverings on other walls and then the colours that will bring your whole theme together.

To hopefully provide you with some further design inspiration and ideas, some of our favourite (and most popular) Wallpaper Mural Themes are as follows:

  • Tree Wallpaper.
  • Animal Wall Murals.
  • Tropical Beach Scene feature Wall.
  • City-scape Wallpaper Murals.
  • Natural Forest Scenes.
  • Abstract Wall Murals.
  • World Map Wall Murals.
  • Disney Murals (such as Frozen, Toy Story, Disney Princess, Tangled etc.).
  • Photo Collage Wallpaper (Perhaps using your own photographic images which you can upload to our website when ordering your mural).

Furthermore, you should consider how furniture and fittings, such as curtains for instance, will fit into the overall theme that you are keen on!


wallpaperink-lemons-low res


Step 2 – Order your Project Materials

The next step, once you have decided on the look that you want is to order the materials that you need to complete the project. Assuming that you have decided on the imagery that you want for your feature wall, you then simply need to measure the width and height of the particular wall.

You will then be ready to simply upload the image, or images, of your choice onto our website, together with your wall measurements, and Wallpaperink will do the rest! Our skilled interior design team will then merge your imagery all together, into a cohesive whole of the right proportions, prior to printing your mural for you.

Step 3 – Decorating – Hanging wallpaper onto your feature wall

When your Wallpaperink mural arrives you can then move on to the next step, hanging the mural on your chosen wall!

There are several general techniques involved in actually hanging wallpaper. Of these, the three major ones are as follows:-

  • Use a special paste board to paste your wallpaper, in sections and along its entire length and width, prior to hanging.
  • Order pre-pasted wallpaper (such as our Premium Plus range) to cut out the pasting task so that you can go straight to hanging your wallpaper mural.
  • Rather than pasting the wallpaper, paste the wall instead with a roller, ensure a flat finish and then hang it!

There is no such thing as a ‘straight’ wall!

Bear in mind, when hanging the wallpaper, that no wall is ever completely straight! What this means in practice is that you will need to start hanging your wallpaper from the middle of the wall first rather than the edge, which makes trimming up to where the walls join easier and more accurate.

This approach takes into account any irregularities where the walls join together!

A professional finish

Our video guide showing exactly how to go about hanging a Wallpaperink wall mural on a feature wall, is a must see. Time lapse filming has sped the process up so that you can see exactly what is going on during each stage of the task.

Whether you have decided upon a Disney Wallpaper Mural Theme, Animal Backdrop, Natural Landscape, City Scene or anything else for your project, the entire process is much the same.

Professional decorators use several specialist tools to achieve a professional standard of finish when hanging wallpaper. If you are in doubt regarding your skills then you should consult with a specialist decorator, with good decorating skills, that can produce a professional finish for your interior design project!



Design Inspiration

Bringing the Great Outdoors Indoors!

November 19, 2015

Do you have a love of the outdoors, one that you would perhaps like to share with others in your home?


Well, in our opinion there is nothing quite as invigorating as bringing the great outdoors in and what better way to do it than by bringing a massive 70 stone grizzly bear into your front room!


Scottish couple Maggie and Andy Robin thought so and had the enormous Hercules the grizzly bear in their lives for more than two happy decades to prove it!


He was an affectionate and kindly animal, often sharing breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and no doubt supper, amongst other snacks, with the happy family!




The bear necessities of life!


If you are interested in the bear necessities of life, with a shared love of the great outdoors, then perhaps you too should consider how to get the feel of the great outdoors indoors!


We are perhaps not suggesting that you bring a full grown grizzly bear into your home to meet your in-laws but what about using a beautiful lake and forest landscape with a stunning mountain backdrop to help your family feel at one with mother-nature?


Awe inspiring images are our forte!


With many awe uninspiring images in our collection of the planets incredible variety of wildlife too, including many striking or simply beautiful animals, organic produce, trees and flowers, we think that we have got something suitable for every interior design project.


At Wallpaperink a stunning set of such beautiful landscapes and natural scenes have all been brought together by our award winning interior designers, to help add real impact into their customer’s home décor!


You could add a splash of summer fun with a tropical beach scene or perhaps use a stormy outdoor image to create the mood and ambiance that you have been searching for!


Forest wall mural


How we can help you to create a stunning feature wall in your home!


Often using the natural world as our canvas, we here at Wallpaperink have helped many happy clients interior design projects come to fruition. Making peoples interior design dreams come to life is the main aim of Wallpaperink and the one ideal that is truly close to our hearts.


There is nothing better in this world than putting a smile on everyone’s face which is what we have happily achieved with the work that we do.


Use our imagery or create your own personal ambiance at home!


Whether you use our imagery or perhaps have a favourite photograph or two that you would like to bring to life, we have professional designers standing by ready to make all your interior design dreams come true!


You can very easily upload your favourite images, along with your required wall dimensions to our site, and we will do the rest for you! Our professional design team will merge everything together creating your very own stunning unique wall mural for maximum impact!


If you are thinking about creating a unique new feature wall in your house then you have just found the perfect answer.


We all hope that Hercules the grizzly bear has given you some interior design inspiration, he would be sure to cover a very large feature wall indeed!

Design Inspiration

10 Amazing Animal Custom Wallpapers

July 23, 2015

Everyone is fond of some animal or another, so why not incorporate your favourite into your decor? Follow this huge style trend with our range of animal custom wallpapers, absolutely perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.

Safari Animals


A huge trend right now is all to do with the safari. Fantastic for those who love travelling, especially into the depths of Africa. Pair our Safari Animals wallpaper with a brown and beige colour scheme, adding pops of animal print here and there to tie the mural into the space.

Walking Elephant


Sticking to the safari trend, this elephant wall mural makes an amazing statement in your bedroom. Pair with deep orange woods, tribal print cushions and african themed accessories for a true safari touch.

Couple of Tigers


This next mural proves that you can add an animal mural to any space in your home. Again, sticking to the African theme, add a tiger mural to a sitting nook. Pair with bright reds and orange woods for a tribal vibe.

Cute Bunnies


Animal wallpaper is also great for children’s rooms. Our Cute Bunnies wall mural looks especially great in a nursery. Pair with creams and soft toys for a classic nursery look.

Deer and Fawn


Another trend that is popular right now is the woodland trend. Perfect for any room in your home, add a mural of our favourite woodland animal, the deer. Pair with wooden accessories and a colour scheme of brown and green.

Galopping Horses


If you love horses with all of your heart, you will love our Galloping Horses wall mural. Perfect for those whose best friend is a great steed. Great for both living rooms and bedrooms, pair with neutrals for a warm and cosy feel.

Cartoon Owl


Another great way to incorporate an animal mural into a nursery is adding our Cartoon Owl wallpaper as a feature wall. Perfectly gender-neutral and great paired with both pinks, blues and any other bright or neutral colour!

Greedy Squirrel


One of our personal favourites and channeling the woodland trend, our Greedy Squirrel wall mural will put a smile on your face. Paired with woodland tones, this wallpaper is perfect for both living rooms and bedrooms.

Sunlit Stag



Another popular animal of the woodland trend is the stag. Especially great for the upcoming season change, our Sunlit Stag wallpaper will make an amazing feature in your bedroom or living room. Pair with wooden accessories to really bring the woodland into your home.

Which is your favourite custom animal wallpaper? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below. If you’d like to purchase a custom animal wall mural made to fit your wall, you can choose from thousands of animal wallpaper designs on our website. 

Design Inspiration

Top 5 Superhero Wall Murals

June 30, 2015
superman wall mural

As we talked about in our last blog Top 12 New York Wall Murals, it’s great to base your room decor around a theme. This works fantastic for children. Today we are looking at the Top 5 Superhero Wall Murals, absolutely perfect for older children and teenagers.

Geometric Superman

superman wall mural

This Geometric Superman wall mural is great for adding the wow factor to any child or teenagers room. The style ensures that they won’t grow out of it for a good few years which is great for you parents. Also, our self-adhesive wall murals peel straight off with no mess when the time that you want to redecorate comes.

Cartoon Heroes


This one is especially great for those who love their comic books. In a traditional comic book illustration, this wall mural really packs a punch on any wall.

A Touch of Superman


Another one great for that awkward in between age. For those not yet a teenager, but not still a child, this mural is a fantastic addition to a bedroom for a comfortable semi-grown up look.

Straight From The Comics

superman wall mural

This one is also fantastic for those who love the traditional comic books. This mural adds a unique touch to a room, without overwhelming the rest of the decor. Pair with plain block colours for a subtle look.

For The Brave

Blue Superman Wall mural

If you want to go all out, this mural really makes a bang. Great for those who are a little braver and want to add a dramatic touch to their room.

Which is your favourite mural? Let us know in the comments below or via our social media channels. Also, visit the full collection for more Superhero Wall Murals.


Design Inspiration

Top 12 New York Wall Murals

June 26, 2015
New York Mural

Decorating a room can be daunting. Sometimes, you have so many ideas you don’t know where to start. Other times, your mind is as blank as your room. At Wallpaper Ink, we recommend starting with a theme, or how you want the room to feel. By choosing a theme like a city close to your heart, or even your favourite beach, you can add a personal touch to your room. Today, we will show you how using a theme to base your decor around can create a spectacular and creative space.

One of our favourite themes is New York. Filled to the brim with fantastic skylines and magnificent monuments, the city is an endless place for inspiration for everybody. Here are 10 examples of how a New York theme can transform a plain room into a swanky city hub.

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Design Inspiration

Top 5 Forest Wall Murals

June 12, 2015

For a while now, feature walls have been the go-to decor for many people. Feature walls are ultimately fantastic. They look great, add a modern touch and jazz up a room. But are you fed up of seeing the same feature walls done over and over again?

Wall murals are an awesome way of refreshing your feature wall with a unique finish that will give your room the wow factor that you’re looking for.

Wall murals come in all different designs, but one of my favourites are forest wall murals. They instantly have a calming effect and look amazing in any room of your home.

I’ve put together my best picks from Wallpaper Ink’s Forest Wall Mural range that will leave you inspired.

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Design Inspiration

Bring The Forest Into Your Home

May 22, 2015
Forest Murals

The forest is a beautiful place to relax and be at one with nature, so why not take inspiration from the great outdoors and recreate it indoors? In this post we’ll show you how to add simple forest touches through accessories, or go for magnificent changes through a woodland wallpaper.

Comfy Cushion

Forest Cushion

Cushion – – £36

This forest cushion from is the perfect mixture between eclectic and classy. The navy background really brings out the oranges and yellows in a chic way, while the woodland animals gives the cushion that quirky touch. Perfect for the sofa, or even in the bedroom.

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